warehouse find "Former Australian now London based musician John Chantler offers his second solo LP for Room40 "The Luminous Ground" - his first solo outing in over seven years. "The Luminous Ground" is just that - luminous. A pulsing and glimmering collision of oscillated tone, filtered texture and syncopated rhythm. It's a record of densely joyous, hazily psyche- delic, modular synthesis. A playful yet throughly composed exploration into the possibilities of patching. At its most intense The Luminous Ground is a visceral and sonically tactile experience - low bass gusts pounding underneath a flurry of melodious tonal clusters. At its most sparse the record hints at more pastoral (albeit electronically generated) sentiments - but at no point does the record's movements stray. There's a clear sense of trajectory here and Chantler rides it with an expert sensibility. Pressed in a strictly limited edition of 320 copies, mastered and cut by LUPO at D&M and housed in silk-screen sleeves." (label info) Recommended.
in stock | AU| 2011| ROOM40 | 18.90

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