"Jüppala Kääpiö's first album "Sporing Promenade" was mostly produced in Canada. While strolling in the vast forest, they made a lot of recordings in the environmental sound by handy instruments, such as kalimba, flute, pitch pipe, also various objects such as nuts, stones that we found on the way, as well as their voice. Then they made 'spontaneous compositions' with instruments such as viola, zither, melodica and effect pedals at home, along with the impression of our strolling and recordings from the forest. Those became the basis of this album. Folk, Post Rock, Classic: that were Carole's main influences. Drone, Ambient, Noise, Ethnic Music: that became the basis of Hitoshi's activity as a sound artist. Jüppala Kääpio thinks that their quite intuitive way of blending those influences caused this album to obtain a unique style. The folded aspect of layered various sounds reminded them of lamellae of mushrooms. So, they call their music "Lamellate Folklore". The album was also visually enriched by the photos of plants, animals, landscapes that they took in Canada, Carole's stuffed dolls and Hitoshi's drawings, which are contained in a gatefold package and a 12 pages booklet." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | CH| 2010| OMNIMEMENTO | 18.90

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