"With "Beautyfear" on Oktaf Records the German electronic musician Marsen Jules (CCO, 12K, Kompakt) delivers one of his most outstanding albums so far. Mastered by 12K-labelboss Taylor Deupree and with a coverpicture taken by the highly acclaimed photographer Erik Madigan Heck from NYC, the best conditions are laid for a lasting experience of abstract musical poetry and touching soundscapeism. Jules has never been this dense, subtile and fragile before. All twelve tracks on "Beautyfear" were created during a week stay in a theatre workspace on one of the hills of Lisbon. Music that can neither be described as ambient music or experimental sound art, but more likely delivers a poetic approach to music, live and sound itself. With "Beautyfear" Marsen Jules makes a great start into 2014 and with the already announced cooperation with Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg and an upcoming release of his works from a residence at the legendary GRM studios in Paris, one should definitely keep an eye on what is coming next." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| OKTAF | 14.90

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