"K11 is a project of Italian sound artist Pietro Riparbelli and lives within the world of radio signals, transcommunication and other invisible phenomena, to create a dimension where the main sound sources are signals from shortwave radio receivers. Another Temple to the Great Beast 666 has been composed from said sound sources recorded during an Instrumental Transcommunication Action realized within the Temple of Diana in Cefalu, Sicily. The temple is famously known for its association with Aleister Crowley and The Abbey of Thelema, founded in 1920. Crowley practiced rituals, yoga and meditations every day within the temple. It was his desire to be buried there, but Mussolini's Fascist government expelled Crowley from the country at the end of April 1923. Riparbelli attempts to reclaim the echo of Crowley's presence. Not for the weakhearted. Presented in a black translucent outer sleeve with art by Viral Graphics. Six pieces of layered art, each relating to Aleister Crowley and the Temple of Diana, were produced on a clear material allowing the layers to be combined in different ways or viewed all at once creating a whole from the sum of the parts. Limited to 300 copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| UTECH RECORDS | 15.90

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