"Needs Continuum - her debut album, following a 2012 EP on fellow No Pain In Pop artist patten's own Kaleidoscope label - is a thrillingly unique and intuitive experience. Composed and recorded in the months before the birth of her first child, the record is both a product and champion of immutable, organic cyclical rhythms and disorientating psycho-physical disequilibria. Amongst idiosyncratic, treacle-thick reinterpretations of classic house and digital-psychedelia there are elements of Fuck Buttons or Cabaret Voltaire, fellow Ann Arborite Laurel Halo's deconstructed-Detroit King Felix project, and Arthur Russell's emotionally excavating avant-disco. Reference points are dropped throughout, yet it's simultaneously clear the singular influence on the record is Gwyer herself. As per the title's neat phrasing, the record is a bridge between memory, experience and a lifetime-wide progression; a defining record of a period rendered in sublime and original musical form." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| NO PAIN IN POP | 16.90

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