"Trunk presents a very rare 1957 album featuring British jazz interpretations of Moondog originals. The exceptional jazz line-up includes Stan Tracey, and the recording is made all the more extraordinary because of the exotic instruments used. And to top it all off, this 1957 recording was also engineered by a very young Joe Meek. This is the first time this fabulous album has been issued since its release 53 years ago. By 1956, the early New York street recordings of the great Moondog had just reached British shores. His primitive percussive sounds struck a new nerve with many artists and musicians, none more so that fine London jazzman Kenny Graham. He was so inspired, that he decided to bring together a band of top-notch jazzers and pay his very own musical homage. The result is this exceptionally rare and unique 1957 album of Moondog cover versions (Moondog Suite) and Graham's very own complimentary compositions (Suncat Suite). Engineered by a young Joe Meek and starring Stan Tracey, Phil Seamen, Danny Moss, Ivor Slaney, soaring vocalists and a host of strange instruments, this was a truly unique cocktail of sound and musical vision. There is no other recording that would ever bring together Moondog, British jazz and Joe Meek. And the result is an exotic, ethereal and timeless album that will inspire, haunt, beguile and charm for many years to come. Beautiful period color sleeve, CD comes with a 6-page concertina booklet, complete with the original 1957 sleevenotes, and a biography of Kenny Graham." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| TRUNK | 8.90

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