"'Op visite bij tante Klara', literally translated 'a visit to aunt Klara', isn't the new Köhn or the new de Portables record. In April Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn), moved in for a few days in the famous 'Toots' studio of Klara (Belgian national radio), on demand of the radio program Mixtuur. De Blonde had the studio at his disposal and he could let his imagination go wild. An opportunity to pull out all the stops and to experiment. Together with 'De Portables', the band in which De Blonde plays for .ve years, he searches for the borders between electronics and pop. The concept: an eclectic and experimental pop record, joining prepared ideas, experiments and jam sessions. With a few pieces of music and some vague ideas, De Blonde went into the studio. The framework is made of a lot of jamming with de Portables and Jürgens premade electronics. Afterwards, the recordings were electronically mould and resculptured. So don't expect a new Köhn album with a lot of experimental electronics, neither a post-rock classic from de Portables. No vocals, no traditional songs, but mergers, remixes and drafts. The result is a 50 minutes long record in two parts (morning and afternoon), both consisting of 6 songs." (label info) cardboard cover, used from outside
in stock | BEL| 2005| K-RAA-K | 10.00

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