"Absolutely stunning dark matter psychedelics from one of the Tokyo scene's most elusive groups. Kousokuya have existed as a group since 1979, although leader Jutok Kaneko's activities in bizarre performance unit Kokugaiso go back even further into the mid-seventies. But in spite of the group's twenty-five year history, they have somehow managed to release just three full albums -- a self-released debut since reissued as PSFD-132, a live album on Forced Exposure, and The Dark Spot [PSFD-90] with Masayoshi Urabe. These newly uncovered live recordings date back to 1991, the year that the group's debut album was released. Two long tracks of grinding, soaring blackhole sonics that chart the empty gulfs of tension-space like no one save Fushitsusha. Don't pass up this chance to catch a barely acknowledged group-mind at an almost-never glimpsed peak of staggering beauty and dynamic force." (Alan Cummings)
in stock | JP| 2004| m-/m-| PSF RECORDS | 15.00

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