KTL - KTL 3 (LP)

"Limited Edition Vinyl only. One-sided heavyweight vinyl + etching by Savage Pencil [SAVX]. Packaged in a tip-on style outer sleeve, heavyweight inner sleeve and sticker. Two tracks : 'Loud Game' and 'Sunday'. Perhaps the broadest bulletin from the duo of Stephen O'Malley and Peter Rehberg featuring 2 contrasting tracks. The layered dementia bliss of 'Loud Game' counterbalances the fried dub of 'Sunday'. Produced by Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg on location at Vienne Wintergarden, Grenoble & Manoir Kéroual, Guilers, July 2006 & February 2007. Cut by Rashad at D&M, Berlin, July 2007. Photos & Doll: Gisčle Vienne. Bird: Jean-Luc Verna. Text: Dennis Cooper. Narration: Jonathan Capdeville. Design: SOMA." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2007| OR | 16.90

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