"A collection of darkly shining northern diamonds, Sous juju is a two-CD compilation of the musical work of Kuupuu from her first releases in 2003 up to previously unreleased material from 2012. Kuupuu, known by her parents as Jonna Karanka, is a self-taught musician and visual artist from Finland who inhabits a semi-magical world where the mundane and the mysterious meet and make wonderful music together. Using tapes and loops, instruments both traditional and modern, Kuupuu's blend of low-tech electroacoustics and high-north songcraft is charming, surprising and unique. Sous juju gathers her self-released material, plus pieces culled from vinyl, cassette and CDR on American and European labels, as well as an unreleased piece and a 2012 vinyl remix from EM Records. This is a fine opportunity to hear the early work of an artist who promises to continue to enchant us well into the future." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2013| EM RECORDS | 21.90

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