"Laurel Halo returns with 'Behind The Green Door', a stripped back, rhythmic, and sonically absorbing EP. While re-injecting rhythm as the central focus, Laurel's compositional senses of elevated flow and ambient detail remain intact, harking back to earlier releases like 'Hour Logic' on Hippos In Tanks, and the 'Spring' 12" under the King Felix alias. However, the rugged, minimal grooves on display point to a new direction and shift in sound; these four tracks are hardware-only affairs developed from her live set, built from a kit focused on dancefloor-ready rhythms, enveloping bass, psychedelic detail and lush harmony. On 'Behind The Green Door', Detroit Techno influence from her Michigan upbringing shines in tandem with stylistic nods towards contemporary UK club music; at times cold, lush, sinister and elated, the EP is a meditative rush of exploratory dancefloor electronics." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| HYPERDUB | 8.90

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