"Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer. Marcus Schmickler, computer. Recorded at LWL-Museum Münster (Feb. 12th 2016) and Schlachthof Wels (Nov. 9th 2013). Produced at Piethopraxis Tonstudio Cologne (Jun. 2017). Artwork: Heike Sperling. Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler have been known for building their sonic worlds for 17 years since their first album Bart. After 6 years of studio silence, here comes Neue Bilder. Their 5th allbum is a constant flux of musical juxtapositions, collisions and balance of their tour de force with analogue synth and computer. The album features two tracks created from two concentrated performances in Münster and Wels, both being magnificently reworked stereo versions of their quadrophonic live concerts. Neue Bilder goes further in their development of sound with meticulously constructed abruptly appearing and disappearing abrasive and tonal sound clusters, remote echoes, and lonely remnants. The CD comes in an awesome artwork by Heike Sperling - who also did the cover for Bart (2000), adding to a time-warp just like the musicians' instruments." (label info)
in stock | PL| 2017| MIKROTON RECORDS | 13.90

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