"Second installment of the Americana Underground trilogy on Dark Entries comes from the label's home city, San Francisco, circa 1981. Meet the trio Los Microwaves and their lone album "Life After Breakfast". A bonus DVD will be included with each LP featuring live footage from Los Microwaves concerts in San Francisco and New York from 1981. Los Microwaves was a San Francisco-based synth-punk trio who formed in 1979. The main line-up included Meg Brazill (vocals, bass, synthesizers), David Javelosa (vocals, synthesizers), and Todd "Rosa" Rosencrans (drums, bass). Their recorded output consisted of a handful of 45's and their lone LP, "Life After Breakfast," released on the legendary Posh Boy records in 1981. Creating sound and music from the fusion of techno-punk, new wave pop, and electronic music, Los Microwaves featured a quirky audio theater that was best experienced live and from the dance floor. Sporting a combination of earlier portable synthesizers, bass and processed percussion, the music continues to deliver a unique groove." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| DARK ENTRIES | 21.90

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