"Member of the Greek experimental project Oi mihanologoi (their only available recording can be heard on the "Apo Mihanis music" comp lp, Ano Kato records), she has been travelling around not only for a wish to learn-see places but also to collect their sounds and use them in the group's recordings. "Sohos' being one of these tapes coming from her archive, inlcudes an almost 30 min field recording done at the village of Sohos during the carnival sometime in 91. Not know if is on the day of carnival's burning or another however you get recordings of the usual custom where goat shaped dressed people run-walk around the village wearing huge cowbells ringing as they move plus you get various other horns playing in the fore-back ground besides the peoples' voices here and there. Issued on 28-1-07 to celebrate this year's carnival!" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| EDITIONS ZERO | 4.90

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