"First record after our Luc Ferrari trilogy, Didascalies 2 is not to be confused with Didascalies already published 3 years ago - it's another composition unpublished and a premiere. This production will only released on vinyl. The other day I found a file from 1993, a score for 2 pianos entitled "revenir ŕ la note de départ" ["getting back to the initial note"]. So I decided to turn it into a new composition without changing a single note in it - it contained very little notes actually, which suited me just fine. So I called it Didascalies 2, in memory of what I had done the previous year: a piece for piano and viola entitled Didascalies tout court. That piece was played on two notes, one for the piano and the same one for the viola. It had an obsessive feel. Very, very obsessiiiiiiive!!!" (L. Ferrari)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2010| SUB ROSA | 14.90

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