BERIO, LUCIANO - The Complete Sequenzas & Works for Solo Instruments (4CD)

"Luciano Berio greatly enriched the repertoire for solo instruments and voice with his series of sixteen Sequenzas and works such as 'Psy,' 'Gesti,' 'Rounds' and 'Fa-Si.' Written between 1958 and 2002 and spanning almost five decades of Berio's creative career, these solo compositions reflect some of his most crucial aesthetic ideas and compositional techniques." Features: The first complete recording of the Sequenazs; The first complete recording of the alternate Sequenazs; Plus all of Berio's works for solo instruments; An international all-star cast of performers: Paula Robison, flute; Susan Jolles, harp; Isabelle Ganz, voice; Aki Takahashi, piano; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Rohan De Saram, cello; Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone; Irvine Arditti, violin; Seth Josel, guitar; Noriko Shimada, bassoon; Stefano Scodanibbio, double bass. Deluxe package with 104 page booklet of notes. (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| MODE | 39.90

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