"On 'Sebenza', meaning 'work' in the Zulu language, South Africa meets South London as the trio of producers hook up with three of their favourite South African mc's, Okmalumkoolkat from Dirty Paraffin, Spoek Mathambo and MC/producer duo, Ruffest. Across the album, LV's music is 'zingy', analog synths, digitally propelled by multisided rhythms, that take off from the interzone between uk funky and kwaito house's bouncy rhythms, but detour much wider through the spidery, digital soca/kuduro of 'Sebenza', the afro-garage of 'Animal Prints', the scuttling triplets of 'DL' and 'Limb', the half speed grime of 'Zulu Compurar', the old school electro hip hop of 'International Pansula' and the Prince-like synth melodies on closer 'Ultando Lwaka'. The album shares a palate of sounds, but each track stretches this palate into different templates, each custom built with the mc's flow and topic in mind, slowed down and sped up where needed." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| HYPERDUB | 18.90

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