"Instuif is a dvd collaboration with German video artist Sabine Bürger. It's the prequel for a much bigger project that we'll be doing with Steve Roden, later this year. At first sight, Instuif appears to be a static video piece with equally static music. But the beauty lies within the details of this hypnotic 20 minutes. The visuals as well as the music very slowly evolve. Particles float across the screen as if they're dancing. Hypnotic, like watching an aquarium, a campfire, or waves crashing onto shore. It might make you forget track of time. This piece was originally made for an installation, with the video and audio in a continuous loop, projected on a big screen, in a dark room. The version presented on this dvd is an attempt to translate this immersive experience to a home environment." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2010| MACHINEFABRIEK (WHITE) | 13.90

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