"Two pieces recently converted to digital, one a group setting from 1983, the other a solo from 1997. This recording of 'The Seasons: Vermont', which had previously existed in excerpt form on a Folkways LP, features the veritable OO/XI/What Next? dream-syndicate of Robert Black (bass), Mark Steven Brooks (wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion), Joseph Celli (oboe (extended, perhaps?), English horn, ocarina), Malcolm Goldstein (violin), Tom Guralnick (tenor, soprano & bass saxophones, vaccuphones), Brian Johnson (vibraphone, percussion), and Kenneth Karpowicz (intensified vocalizing, accordion). Said grouping waltzes through all four quarters in a Vermont hour, emoting on freely occurring sonics/timbres/genres in said state and plagiarizing nature in general... The other piece, 'Soundings for solo violin; is all scrape/pluck/drag; a call back to the composer's work with Fluxus villains like Philip Corner and meta-musicians such as James Tenney. Fine sounds all around." --Hrvatski.
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 1998| XI RECORDS | 14.90

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