"Matias Aguayo returns to Kompakt with his first new recordings for the label since 2009's acclaimed full length "Ay Ay Ay" - an accomplishment of its own right thanks to the fact that it was created almost entirely with samples of his voice. Matias Aguayo takes it back to the dance floor with what potentially could be his first obvious foray into the world of house music. "I Don't Smoke" is here - pure electronic body music of the most significant kind. Created between gigs mostly on trains and planes - the music on "I Don't Smoke" is a tour diary of sorts. Tales from the road, songs that were recorded on the fly which were burned onto a CD and played that night. Tried and tested on the crowds, these tracks were improved and built up, then finally mixed down with Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat earlier this year in his Berlin studio." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| vg+/vg+| KOMPAKT | 8.00

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