"Next up for Deep Distance following killer full lengths from Expo '70 and NWW's Colin Potter, comes the amazing debut full length from MELODIEN. The solo project for Liverpool based moog and synth head Harry Sumnall. Offering up a teaser to the full length on the label's 2013 Record Store Day 'Grasshopper Mind' 10", the full length is just stunning and more than exceeds expectations. Nine amazing tracks that veer from kosmische slow burners a la Schulze, Froese and co. via the minimal approach of Terry Riley with passing nods to giallo soundtracks and latter day heroes like Umberto, Bitchin Bajas and The Emperor Machine etc. A stunning array of styles and moods- that knit perfectly over the course of a full length. Harry himself confesses to key influences being as much from filmic and literary backgrounds as any musical heroes; Jan Nemec and Hermann Ungar amongst them and the LP has a definite cinematic feel in parts. Pressing of 300 on vinyl only, dressed in total killer Ivan Liechti sleeve art, this is an extraordinary record. Get on it!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| DEEP DISTANCE | 16.90

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