"Day Is Done, a major new video work by Los Angeles artist Mike Kelley, is a feature-length musical. It enunciates a career-long interest in American subcultures and folk events through the re-staging of 31 carnivalesque productions intermixed into a meandering semi-narrative. Each reconstruction is a live-action scene that has been extrapolated from photographs found in high school yearbooks. While each chapter of Day Is Done is derived entirely from an image of a quite standardized folk ritual, Kelley disrupts the traditional structures of such events to construct a dizzying daisy chain of performances that results in an institutional landscape populated by dancing Goths, singing vampires, hick story-tellers, horse dancers, and the Virgin Mary. Originally presented as a 50 channel video/sculpture installation at the Gagosian Gallery New York, in December of 2005, this version of Day is Done has been re-edited into a single channel format for private viewing. NTSC all region DVD, 169 minutes." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| m-/m-| COMPOUND ANNEX | 39.90

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