"Exhumed '77 OST frond 'Riddles Of The Sphinx'...magick Mike Ratledge unfurls coils of ARP, Moog & VCS-AKS via Denys 'Lucifer' Irving's hacked Z-80 sequencer...these post-Soft Machine plumes spiral in stasis to the frame pans and lockdown Maddox's & Mulvey's dialogue like SE17 dunes...the concentric riddle of the missing original master tapes...film reel audio prised from the BFI vaults & transferred straight to zeros & ones by hieroglyphic happenstance...this acrobatic dredge has revealed more than enough mercury to further protract the riddles within..."You've got my number if you need anything"...IBM. "The film's ground-breaking electronic score, by The Soft Machine's Mike Ratledge, was composed on synthesisers which were developed in collaboration with Denys Irving (the man behind the mysterious and controversial 1970s band Lucifer)."" (label info) few copies of this o/p title back in stock. sealed, small seam split on upper side of the cover
in stock | UK| 2013| MORDANT MUSIC | 17.90

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