"As one of the world's foremost sound-artists, Mike Shiflet has released music on labels as diverse as Type, Homophoni, Digitalis Limited and 905 Tapes. This new and outstanding LP "The Choir, The Army" on Under The Spire in a limited edition is restricted to just 250 copies on purple vinyl. It can be hard to keep track of Mike Shiflet. Already on his quadrillionth release of the year the prolific drone genius touches down at Under The Spire to give us The Choir, The Army. How he maintains such extraordinarily high quality is beyond us, but we're happy to announce The Choir, The Army as being one of his finest outings yet. From the queasy Golem gurgles that open '1917' to the spectral drift of 'Inching' and the squealing noise terror of 'Attrition', Shiflet covers all bases and blends them to form a coherent journey through a sound world that soothes as often as it startles. All the while, beneath and behind, subtle pulses, static crackles and clean, clear washes of pure atmosphere create swarming rivulets that crash, calm and reach a flooded zenith with 'Yonder', a broke-down 'n' blue violin paean to distant memories drowned in glorious liquid sound." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| UNDER THE SPIRE | 18.90

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