"Originally released in 1971, America is one of the artistic high points of John Fahey's career. And yet, for nearly 30 years it was not heard in its entirety, as what was originally intended as a double album was pared down to a single LP. 4 Men With Beards is proud to present the complete America double album, released on vinyl for the first time ever. Fahey himself had this to say about America: 'Out of all the songs I ever wrote, I consider only two of them 'epic' or 'classic' or in the 'great' category and they are both on this record.' Deluxe gatefold packaging that includes a reproduction of the original illustrated booklet. Limited edition of 3,000 numbered copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2010| 4 MEN WITH BEARDS | 29.90

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