"MISTY CONDITIONS is a project that started off when Henry Collins and Richard Wilson met up in Henry's studio a couple of years ago and jammed for a few days non-stop, enjoying the process thoroughly. They cross pollinated by developing what each did best, Henry making and creating banks of samples and Richard creating software and effects to cut up and re-sample, passing the tracks back and forth, essentially until they felt finished. The music here is quite different from what either of the artists are previously known for. Henry used to record as SHITMAT making fidgety jungle and Richard has recorded as BURNKANE. The music here initially sounds more simplistic, its tempo pulled down to a head nod speed. At times the album gives the impression of a kind of futureprimitive take on Trap; rusted and distorted 808 claps and bass drums collide with exotic percussion and mangled industrial clangs, reminiscent of more recent industrial takes on techno such as Pete Swanson's music." (label info) recommended
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| PLANET MU | 18.90

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