"Two years after the release of "Ersatz" (1990), Moebius and Renziehausen issued "Ersatz 2" as the culmination of their ongoing studio collaboration. It is as meticulously crafted as "Ersatz", dipped in the same luminance and confounds with a similar wealth of musical ideas. And yet "Ersatz 2" does not simply carry on where "Ersatz" left off. Moebius and Renziehausen composed and improvised quite intuitively on "Ersatz", emptying their music of messy ballast, yet adding decorous, delicate detail. This is even more true of "Ersatz 2", with the marked difference that the music has become even more transparent and the individual tracks shorter in length. The two sound artists reach an almost ascetic level with their unwavering concentration on musical substance and the deliberateness of their creative approach. Almost is the word, for this is a pop album with all of the vibrancy associated with this world. It is neither minimalist in the academic sense nor suitable for any form of meditative exercise, the brevity of the tracks already enough to preclude this. The album also differs from "Ersatz" rhythmically: it is almost danceable." (label info) With liner notes by Asmus Tietchens.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| BUREAU B | 18.90

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