"Born from the desire to reintroduce on the market an outstanding, yet surprisingly unknown work of the 1980s, this ORAL release is also the result of a dialogue with hypermedia researcher and artist Konrad Becker, which occurred during chance, yet fruitful meetings. Sometimes in the path of a music lover and record collector, a work will beckon you, imposing itself with its singularity, depth and timelessness. Monotonprodukt 07, produced in 1982, is such a work. Monotonprodukt 07 20y++ is, in agreement with its author Konrad Becker, more than a CD re-release of the original two vinyl records. It is instead an updated work, subjected to sound digitalisation to bring out sounds and effects that would have been impossible to achieve when it first came out - the bass has the intended amplitude while high frequencies truly rejuvenate the whole. The author is finally able to hear what he was hoping for back then but could not achieve." (label info) reissue of Monoprodukt 07 20y++ (OralCD02), in jewel case
soon in stock - please pre-order | CAN| 2009| ORAL | 14.90

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