"Limited 500 copies. Last temptation of Raphael Lyon's Mudboy, after dozen recordings as the seminal This is Folk Music (Last Visible Dog, 2005) and exciting Hungry Ghosts (Not Not Fun, 2007) the doctor of experimental organomics explore new approaches to his personal hallucinations. The works on this album are only the hapless product of stumbling fingers, hammered out by so many orangutans fighting over garbage. In these four small handholding adventures, Mudboy takes no more than he can give. If he had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Eno or Philip K Dick and talked through their collaboration, he would have said: "You have done your half, please allow me to do mine"." (label info) back in stock
soon in stock - please pre-order | SWE| 2010| HUNDEBISS | 16.90

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