"A weighty co-production from Stuffrecords and Scandinavia Records, reaching across the M8 barricades for a rare show of sub-lo unity between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Think of this as the twelve inch accompaniment to the acclaimed 'Lord for ÂŁ39' album on Planet Mu. Two original tracks The Godfathers 560' & 'The Race' influenced by slow n' low 80's Miami Bass and twisted R&B'isms. Signature Jupiter 8 lead melodies with real TR_808 beats carve out the heritage Def Jam NYC sound. Even the classic gangster chariot, the Mercedes 560 SEC's V8 engine makes a cameo appearance in Godfathers 560. The final track see's Landstrumm doffing his flat cap to Rustie with his Jagz The Smack remix, a fry-up of parts from that now classic platter combined with the restless energy of a Landstrumm live jam." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| SCANDINAVIA / STUFF | 8.50

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