"Breaking your thumb is a pretty serious deal for a professional pianist. The copy I have of Nils Frahm's 'Screws' comes with a rather heartfelt letter: "Playing piano, and playing it for wonderful people is the greatest joy I can imagine. For a couple of days, I felt this could all be over." It must be unsettling - the dawning realisation that something so simple will put your career on hold for a time, especially for an artist as prolific as Frahm. A mere month must seem a lifetime when you'd released two critically acclaimed LP's in three years alongside countless collaborations, a handful of EPs and an endless touring schedule. "That day I was sitting in the emergency room, feeling rather dizzy while thinking of all a zillion shows coming up and all the people involved. I realised in that moment how busy things had become." However, falling out of a bunk-bed in your studio is not the most dignified way to make yourself out of work. That someone who works so hard is brought down by sleeping in his workplace is almost darkly comedic from an outside perspective, but must be endlessly annoying to the victim. So here we have 'Screws' - a free download mini-album from Frahm on Erased Tapes - played by the frustrated and damaged '9-finger Nils'. Vowing to record a song every night with his cast on, Frahm has produced a harmonious nine tracks of a delicate, sparse intensity." (Futuresequence) vinyl version comes with download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| ERASED TAPES | 16.90

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