"I first met Nils after playing a concert in Berlin in early September, 2008. that night he handed me the package containing his first lp Streichelfisch and four cd-r's of unreleased material. Later when I was getting in bed at the hotel, I pulled out my discman and popped in a disc of his that was labeled ťTonalagia: Piano ImprovisationsŤ. I laid back and pressed play, thinking I would fall asleep to the sound of some nice piano music. But the sound I heard was more than just nice. It was absolutely breathtaking, and it kept me awake staring at the ceiling until the cd was finished. A couple months later I flew to Berlin to meet up with Nils and to witness the recordings of what was to become The Bells. We rented a beautiful old church for two nights, with a wonderful old grand piano and the most amazing natural reverb I've ever heard. Those two amazing nights left us with five and a half hours of recorded material, and together Nils and I have compiled what we think are the best pieces into this 40 minute collection." (Peter Broderick)
soon in stock - please pre-order | SE| 2009| KNING DISK | 16.90

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