"All three members of Nisennenmondai - the guitarist Masako Takada, the bassist Yuri Zaikawa and the drummer Sayaka Himeno - share a deceptively uncomplicated devotion to rhythm. Their new album, "Destination Tokyo" (Smalltown Supersound), casts a spell in unpolished ways, evoking a gritty hybrid of Krautrock, dance-rock and art-punk. And yet Nisennenmondai doesn't sound contrived about its style, a clanking contraption of just a few moving parts: disco bass lines, techno-leaning guitar repetitions and the steady chatter of Ms. Himeno's high-hat, a potent engine of propulsion. The album includes one striking deviation from the formula, a choppy vocal track called "Miraabouru". It's a cutely demolike preface to "Mirrorball," which sets all the band's gears back in motion, to delirious effect." (New York Times)
in stock | NO| 2009| m-/m-| SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND | 10.00

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