"Limited repress of the classic album from the Canadian punk legends on red & white splatter vinyl. Issued in the fall of 1989, Wrong drew together all the elements of NoMeansNo that had been developing over the previous 10 years. Featuring the original guitarist Andy Kerr, it was a pared down, punk rock headbanger but with the nuance and subtlety that has always set NMN apart from the genre. Critically a top ten for many at the time, it has remained on all-time favourite lists to this day. Widely considered to be not only the definitive NMN album, but the finest album of it's genre, Wrong features many fan favourites like "It's Catching Up", "The Tower" and possibly the band's most requested song ever, "Rags and Bones". This album solidified NMN's place among all the best punk rock/alternative bands of that era and they have retained that integrity, energy, and freshness to this day. This is the long overdue reissue of this classic album, featuring the additional bonus tracks "State of Grace" and "End of the World" - rare tracks taken from a single released by Mr Wrong in 1992 - for the first time." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| WRONG MUSIC | 21.90

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