"Famous & worldwide musical scene revealing the richnesses and neverending possibilities of the non-conform and free musical explorations, the cave12 association puts out a new release. This sound piece was recorded on the 23.9.11 in the contemporary art building (Bâtiment d'art contemporain, Geneva), upon an invitation of the Cave 12 and the FMAC to the contemporary art festival (MAC 11). It is a live performance of 27 min performed with cracked electronics. The vinyl is the testimony of a powerful and greatly encompassing live experience. Produced working closely with the artist, this disc is the affirmation of the very impressing and powerful work of Norbert Möslang. Which was, at the moment of his live act, a striking demonstration of masterly skills in the manipulation of "cracked everyday electronics"." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | CH| 2013| CAVE12DISQUES | 20.90

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