"LEGO for 4 is another theatre music by Oleg Kostrow - just like IWONA and SNOW QUEEN. It Is composed for the play MOTHER FATHER SON DOG, performed at SOVREMENNIK - theatre in Moscow from December 2002 to January 2003. It was directed by one of russias most famous young directors, Nina Chusova. The story is based on the play FAMILY STORIES by the Serbian journalist Bilyana Srblyanovitch... In the suburbs of a postsoviet city some children play the parts of the members of a family: mother, father, their son and dog. We think it is the best work Kostrow has done since the SNOW QUEEN LP. As a bonus the CD features one track of the new project SUPER SONIC FUTURE by Kostrow and Ilya Dmitriev, who makes more and more of the rhythm programming for Kostrow." (label info)
in stock | RU| 2003| m-/vg++| SOLNZE | 8.00

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