"Entitled Replica, the album comes a year after Returnal, Lopatin's latest in a string of solo efforts since 2007, many of which were released on cassette or CD-R via underground labels like Arbor and No Fun Productions. Noisy one minute and droning the next, that record made Oneohtrix Point Never a leading name in avant-garde electronic music, with glowing reviews on Pitchfork and here on RA. According to a press release, Replica is a "song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations." Lopatin says it "has as much to do with environmental, broadcasted, and club sounds as it does with more direct musical influences." Unlike Returnal, which was recorded entirely on the American artist's personal computer, Replica was mastered and mixed at Mexican Summer's studio in Brooklyn." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2011| SOFTWARE | 16.90

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