"re-release of 'Vacant Lights' one of his all time favourite works by David Jackman, in combination with a second CD comprising of five Unreleased or hard to find tracks entitled 'Rara Avis'. RARA AVIS is a short collection of five pieces, three of which have appeared on 7-inch singles: IUEL and WOLF on Dom America, HIBAKUSHA on Walter Robotka's Syntactic label. Jim O'Rourke added guitar to IUEL, Christoph Heemann put some microphone feedback into WOLF. OBON (VERSION), originally recorded way back at IPS, is one of four alternate mixes engineered years later by Robert Hampson and Mr. O'Rourke. RARA AVIS is a previously unused mix created by Jim circa 1991 from sounds made during the AURORA sessions of 1990. Extensively re-worked in 2003, it features Jim, Jane, Eddie Prevost." (label info) back in stock
in stock | DE| 2004| DIE STADT | 17.90

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