"This is SQM Part I, Oubys' second album on Testtoon, three years after we released the beautiful Terra Incognita. SQM is a double album in two parts. This first LP (we will release Part II later this year) sees Oubys develop his characteristic sound into an exploration of source, energy and contemplation. The six tracks here play with melody, atmosphere and contrast and produce a stream of consciousness like parallel world that invites as much as it challenges. The Oubys sound has developed, allowing for his musical ideas to come across more fluently, although these ideas are not necessarily easy and even dare to border on the cosmic and the grandiose. The sense of time and timing throughout this record continuously shifts itself into a willful oblivion. Oubys' music has an explicitly visual feel, but what the associated image might be depends on the listener's interpretation of its energy. Contradictory yet beautiful, SQM marks a new Phase in Oubys' recording career. Energetic yet playing with stasis, contemplative without fear of the overstatement, cosmic whilst firmly bound to the utmost concrete, this is SQM Part I." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2014| TESTTOON RECORDS | 14.90

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