"Paco Sala have come a long way since the dusty beats of their debut, Ro-Me-Ro. The duo of Antony Harrison and the re-christened Birch (formerly Leyli) dissected and reassembled their sound during the two years 'Put Your Hands On Me' was written and recorded. This album, their second, runs deeper and is far more collaborative in all aspects. Put Your Hands On Me is steeped in violence, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. Scars left from a brutal past play victim to the minor-chord synth swells and complex rhythms. In between whispers, Birch howls with a vengeance. Her voice provides a counterweight to Harrison's gunshot-fed beats and glowing synths. Each hushed tone or whispered lyric is bathed in smokey neon hues, lost in a binge-fuelled haze." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| DIGITALIS | 18.90

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