"Recorded over the last five years in various places and mixed this past summer, Googler continues the meditative flow of synth-laden drones, crystalline guitars and dense rhythms. But a dark wind blows through the album to reveal the band's angular aggression. Memorable traces of Parlour's past can be heard -- having collectively served time in Crain, The For Carnation and Aerial M, among others -- most notably in the gentle ebb and flow of 'Jololinine' and the angular, driving attack of 'Distractor.' Carefully incorporating live instrumentation and subtle layers of electronics, leader and founding member Tim Furnish draws on a wide variety of influences to develop the tactile textures. Having helped plant the seeds for the sprawling array of musical inspiration that is Louisville, KY, Googler sees Furnish blooming vibrant new shades of a favorite color."
in stock | US| 2002| TEMPORARY RESIDENCE | 13.90

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