"'First travels in the new millennium' (2000) for solo glissando instrument around a sustained drone tone. 'Feelings (a music)' (2009) version for flutes and drones. 'Gamelan SITU' (2008) version for 3 bass flutes and drones. 'STRAVINSKI could-be' (2008) version for environmental sounds and iPhone. 'Joy Flashings' (2008) version for toy instruments, piccolos and children's choir. A joyful product of mutual understanding between this two outstanding composers, described by Manuel Zurria in the booklet with the following words: 'Philip gave me the key to enter a secret and wonderful room, full of fabulous things and made me discover a part of me I did not know.' Much more than a journey through sound, this work is a reflection on our modern world and the role played by music and sounscapes. It's a journey through traditional instruments and modern techniques of sound production, from the usual electronic ones to the ultimate icon of contemporary society: the iPhone." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| DIE SCHACHTEL | 13.90

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