"debut on Digitalis trading on unstable pop and smudged electronic bliss. Highly recommended for followers of Hype Williams, Vangelis, Oneohtrix, Bola! Resident Los Angeles android, [PHYSICS] unveils his debut LP 'Spectramorphic Iridescence' for the Digitalis label. Glazed electronics and polymorphic beats run through wetware enhancements left behind by future civilisations. Even with the neuron-popping hooks from opener "Anodyne Dream" or the crystalline "Isosceles Trapezoid" acting like sandman for your brain, there's a dark undercurrent running throughout Spectramorphic Iridescence. Death-march rhythms snake through "Emerald Forest," adding an extra sinister layer to all the cryptic stabs. As it bleeds deftly into "The Keep," it's the ghost trapped in the machine, tortured into obsolescence. [PHYSICS] continues pounding the electricity, waiting for the last voice to drown beneath the bloated, cybernetic waves. Moments of sonic ecstasy filter in when they can, though, finding heavy tranquility cycles with "Realisation" and album closer, "Ultimate L." " (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| DIGITALIS | 18.90

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