"Underfed is the homegrown early version of Plush's 2002 release, Fed. "Ever wonder what it's like to try and build a mountain? Fed was a record put together over countless days and nights, rehearsals and recording sessions, finally spanning a seven-year period. Basic tracks were recorded over an entire summer. Once they were completed, Plush-man Liam Hayes spent an entire winter making overdubs on them as a guide for an arranger to write the charts that would finish the album once the Earth grew warm again. When this finally happened, Fed took on a different shape. Underfed is the record before those other contours were cast upon it. It's the sound of trains passing a makeshift studio on Lake Street, the buzz of ancient gear carted uptown and down, the organic aura of secret places caught on tape, a fading smell of incense, Chamberlins whirring mysteriously and scoring paper fluttering in the wind on the coldest days of our lives." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| vg+/m-| DRAG CITY | 10.00

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