"Welcome Project Perfect to Community Library's cast of contributors! PM+ is the definitive document of this elusive duo, as well as a key release for us that draws together ComLib's threads of musical coverage, such as abstract electronic music, jazz, free improvisation, and noise musics. Project Perfect (Andy Brown - synth, electric piano, drum machine and Charlie Smyth - guitar, radio) were the tricksters of Portland 's music community during the days of their frequent and strange performances (2002-2004). Appearing live in costume or with exotic dancers on stage, the group's deadpan humor was at odds with their profoundly introspective, abstract music. Following from their membership in Fontanelle, the two longtime collaborators came into their own with a reputation for consistently dextrous live performances, a distinctively insular sonic vocabulary, and a fluid, telepathic improvisatory rapport." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 10.90

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