PSEUDO CODE - EUROPA - Minimal 80s style (CD)

7" format "Reissue of Pseudocode's vinyl legacy (2 EPs + 1 LP) remastered in superb sound quality by original member Alain Neffe of Insane fame, 30 years later! Pseudocode (1979-1982) were a coherent unit of 3 individuals (Xavier S., Guy Marc Hinant and Alain Neffe), non-musicians even, combining emotions with electronic experiments, mostly improvised. They called it 'potlatch music' and were only trying to express themselves through sound rather than pleasing an audience. Within just a couple of years they released a fine body of work on vinyl and cassette (Insane Music, Pseudo Records, Sandwich Records) and international network compilations (Datenverarbeitung, Ding Dong, Korm Plastics, Grafika Airlines, Third Mind, Trax,....) and were even noticed by fellow experimentalists such as Harold Budd or Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire). They could have been bigger than.... Unfortunately the story didn't last for too much longer and everyone moved on with his life before any breakthrough of some sort.... " (label info)
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in stock | BE| 2010| EE TAPES | 10.90

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