"These 12"s are the first two installments of a theoretically infinite conceptual series of 12"s, each consisting of a brand new Pttrns jam and a remix of a previously released song done by friendly artists. The inception of the Love Quest series marks a tribute to the ever-evolving multiplicity that Pttrns aesthetic lays out: Formally manifested in the band's inclusion of a 4th permanent member, percussionist Hendrik Frese, the series opens up the band's material to participation and appropriation. The format of Love Quest is no coincidence, then - High Hopes (Love Quest I) and Powder Structures (Love Quest II), Pttrns new offerings produced by Jan-Philipp Janzen of Von Spar, touch on Disco, Boogie, Highlife and R&B, playfully focussing the series' theme with urgent, polyrhythmic delivery while showcasing an increasing concern for structure and arrangement - these are some straight dance records. As is equally evident by the reworkings on the flip-sides. Beautifully designed by long-time friends and collaborators Our Polite Society (Amsterdam), Love Quest I+II are the first recorded instants of a journey, documents not of a concluded past, but of a future that could be." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2011| ALTIN VILLAGE & MINE | 9.50

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