"Portland's Daryl Groetsch has been quietly pumping out some of the world's best ambient synthesizer music for years now, often on cassette or cd-r. He has a brand new album out on vinyl though, so it's time for the tape-haters to take notice. These are beautiful, meditative tones, evoking the new-age worship that is sadly becoming rarer and rarer in tape community as people move toward more textured drone outings. I've always thought that Greotsch deserved the same attention that Emeralds and Stellar OM Source receive, and "Spiritual Vistas" might actually make that happen. Top-notch, totally recommended. The LP, which is a co-release from Cylindrical Habitat Modules and Expansive, has an edition of 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| EXPANSIVE | 16.90

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