"A ground-breaking pop album: Reissue of the second work from the Ata-Tak-founder Pyrolator, aka Kurt Dahlke, was co-founder of the legendary German label and music publisher Ata Tak. He was a member of several pioneering post-punk bands - DAF and The Plan - and has since 1979 released solo albums using his "nom de plume" Pyrolater. "Ausland" emerged in 1981 with guest musicians to the likes of Frank Fenstermacher (Fehlfarben), Fredrik Nilsen (LAFMS), and Holger Hiller. Only two years separate the release of Pyrolator's 1979 debut "Inland" and "Ausland", but what a difference two years can make! The album "Inland" invoked industrial decline and the urgent political state of the 70s BRD, but with "Ausland" we receive a cheerful, playful, groundbreaking pop album. Exotica, bossa nova, disco and chanting mingle with synthpop, new wave and industrial sounds. The "NME" rightly called Pyrolator a "great pioneer"." (label info) the vinyl version contains 6 bonus tracks.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| BUREAU B | 19.90

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