"Mike Watt is simply the best bass player in the world and one of a guy. Used to play in the bands Minutemen and firehose and jamed in econo on stage with everybody from Sonic Youth to Flea. Raymond Pettibon is he best cover artist in the world and a damn good painter indeed. He draws his characters and settings in a very significant black style, giving them a laconic and nostalgic feeling, also by adding found and original created lyrics along, which are not causaly meant to be fitting. A lot of his work is influenced by popular american culture as seen on television, baseball fields, in Charles Mansons mind and in Raymond Chandlers novels. Loaded with catchness, but a lot deeper than a cheese cake. Together they are Sock-Tight, a band from the past for the future. Two friends with different working and communication patterns, united in the belief that culture and art are meant to be a social act and in the hands of all people. Sock-Tight is a psychedelic-inspired no-wave-mania which brings together the lyrical mantra of Raymond Pettibon, the bass of Mike Watt, the saxophon vision of the early Stooges as well as a lot more dark alley thoughts and sounds from America. They didnt exist before Edition Fieber, but we are quite sure they will be HUGE in the future." (label info) comes in gatefold sleeve with obi, signed edition of 200 copies
in stock | DE| 2013| EDITION FIEBER | 89.00

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